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Organically inspired tables made from leftover materials

Danish product designer Troels Flensted is driven by hands-on fabrication and material experimentation. In 2014, he launched the High Street Factory, which is a pop-up concept that seeks to bring local products and manufacturing back to mainstream consumerism. His Poured Tables are a product of this concept.

Manufactured using leftover materials from the fabrication of other products at High Street Factory, the Poured Tables turn “useless” bits into functional objects. Experimenting with the organic nature of creation, the tables are made by pouring pigments and various materials into a mold and capturing the unique patterns that are formed.

Flensted is currently participating in the Aram Graduates Show at The Aram Gallery in London that opened this week. The exhibition runs through August 23rd.

Poured Table


  • 2100 København Ø, Denmark
  • Troels Flensted