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A new take on an old favorite

OLA is a veritable institution. Marking the beginning of a beautiful collaboration between Snaidero and Pininfarina, the design’s signature curves have been gracing kitchens around the world since 1990. Twenty years after the product first entered the world market, the partnership decided to breathe new life into the design classic.

Obviously, the OLA 20 keeps the original undulations of the worktop support that are undeniably Pininfarina, but it integrates new contemporary elements and technologically innovative materials. For example, the worktop support is available in multi-layered wood but also in carbon fiber. The use of carbon fiber permits the island and peninsula support to better handle temperature variations and chemical aggression with the added benefits of being waterproof, non-toxic, rust proof and extremely sturdy.

The new version also took a nod from the auto industry by introducing a mica lacquering. Mica lacquering is created with the highly reflective flakes of powdered mica, giving a brilliance that is brighter and more refined than the previous metallic lacquering. It also offers an iridescent quality, changing color depending on the lighting and the viewer’s perspective and offering a new depth to the design aesthetic.

Change may not always be a good thing, but Snaidero and Pininfarina applied their communal experience and knowledge to implement technological and design innovations that keep their design fresh and relevant. The newest version of the OLA truly lives up to its predecessors and serves as a further testament to the constantly renewed strength of the design engineering partnership.

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