Minimaliste Builds a Tiny House Surf Shack Called Noyer

Minimaliste Houses
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There’s a counter-culture movement that’s been around for the past decade that has seen people minimalizing their lives and shifting from big houses to tiny homes.

The movement may have originated as a means of decreasing one’s carbon footprint and of downsizing life’s complexity, but it has given rise to living spaces that over all the luxuries you could ever need while taking up only the bare minimum of space. Minimaliste Houses out of Canada is one company that has been creating fully customizable, all-season tiny houses for any lifestyle. Partnering with a client from California, Minimaliste Houses has created a Tiny House Surf Shack that is perfect for the beach bum in all of us.

The Tiny House Surf Shack measures only 331 square feet, yet in that tiny space the shack holds a bathroom with a composting toilet, a stand-up shower, a single-unit washer/dryer combo, and a heating and air conditioning system. The house also has a large kitchen with a full-size refrigerator as well as a stove top, a dishwasher, a farmhouse style sink, and plenty of counter space and storage. Going up the stairs, you’ll find a loft-style bedroom that also hides even more storage space.

On the outside, the home is clad in charcoal-colored metal siding. Brown-dyed eastern cedar veneers contrast with the gray metal. The roof slops gently and is asymmetrical, giving the home a more modern appearance. That sloping roof also provides more space for the sleeping area upstairs.

Minimaliste calls the home the “Noyer,” and priced it at $90,625. The home is designed to be lived in by a single person or by a couple. Built on a mobile camper trailer, the Noyer is ready to follow the waves, moving from beach to beach and letting your inner beach bum live its dreams in complete tiny home luxury.

Minimaliste Builds a Tiny House Surf Shack Called Noyer