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BUZAO’s HALO Collection Reflects Light Like a Rainbow

Chinese experimental design studio BUZAO’s latest collection HALO continues to experiment with the properties of glass following its previous glass collection NULL, which was released in 2019.

HALO consists of laminated glass display furniture, lighting, and a hanger design.

The collection is inspired by the curved light frequencies often seen surrounding the moon or sun, which are also called halos. Similar to a rainbow, HALO’s pieces play with the eye through light reflections and perspective. Each time the angle of light source changes, a slightly different color gradient is created.

BUZAO’s goal when creating the HALO collection was to highlight the versatility of glass by designing different optical effects that focus on the diffusion of light. The studio often enters design processes with unforeseeable results, so each experiment ends in a new discovery.

Such is the case with HALO, as the project led to a new effect that resembles the result of chromatography — a process where scientists in a lab separate a mixture into its separate components. Each piece in the HALO collection features vivid cold and hot colors that are superimposed inwardly, creating a misty white color where they overlap which resembles the halo effect observed in nature.

BUZAO’s HALO Collection Reflects Light Like a Rainbow


  • China