Caramba Furniture is Refined, Minimalist and Easy to Put Together

Caramba Furniture
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It was a friendship that was destined to turn into a business.

Cristian Arostegui G. and Adam Gilber were the only stay-at-home dads in their neighbourhood, which means that they were basically forced to hang out with each other. They met when their first kids were born, and it didn’t take long before Cristian’s love for design and Adam’s experience with small business came to light. Shortly thereafter, Caramba Furniture was created.

The idea was simple—create affordable, space-efficient furniture that lasts. Based in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada, Caramba Furniture uses high-quality European plywood for all of their furniture. The products are finished in a range of options from natural to laminated. The design is minimalist in aesthetic and the pieces all ship flat for delivery anywhere in the US and Canada. When the items arrive, they are easily assembled in just a few steps using the included hardware and tools. Caramba makes chairs, lounge chairs, stools, coffee tables, side tables, wall hooks, hangers, trays, and magazine stands. Prices range from $59 to $599. Because they make every item in their workshop, they can guarantee the quality.

For a couple of stay-at-home dads, this project started out as a way to pass the time while watching the kids play. Now it’s a full-fledged business. The designs are simple and elegant, and the quality is such that you’ll take these pieces with you. And because of how well they are made, they’ll survive that move and years after. And even better, because Caramba makes their own products, they can keep the prices low so that you can redo your décor without having to refinance your house to pay for it. And to top it off, you’re supporting two dads while they take care of their families.

Caramba Furniture is Refined, Minimalist and Easy to Put Together