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Traditional chinese cooling fan meets luminaire design in 'ogi lamp' by yen-hao, chu

Designer Yen-hao, Chu – in collaboration with chinese brand Ziihome – has introduced the ‘ogi lamp‘, with a design that resembles the traditional chinese tuan fan.

The luminaire aims to bring the beautiful form of the iconic cooling fan, which is no longer used, back into our daily life.

Yen-hao, Chu designed the ‘ogi lamp’ for Ziihome in four different styles. They are light and chic, and can be used in different environments. The warm and soft glass lampshade ensures the light source to distribute evenly within the surroundings. suspended in the house, the lamp resembles an oriental charm.

The model is available with three cap options; gold white jade, gold beige, and gold crystal sugar. The caps are applied with brass brushed electroplating technology, which makes the metal surface shine with flowing light. Comparing to normal baking technology, electroplating has a high requirement on technology and cost, as it provides a fine texture of metal which can be presented more incisively and vividly.

The lower part of lampshade was formed by adopting a blowing glass process, making the radius of the lampshade appear fuller. Here, glass stripes are evenly distributed in circumference, as a reference to the traditional tuan fan design. when the soft light shines through the glass, the image concept of the fan is strong and three-dimensional.

Project info:

Name: ogi lamp

Designer: Yen-hao, Chu

Company: Ziihome

Traditional chinese cooling fan meets luminaire design in 'ogi lamp' by yen-hao, chu


  • China
  • Yen-hao, Chu