The Minimalist Orbit Chandelier by Workstead

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Orbit Chandelier is a minimalist chandelier created by Hudson-based studio Workstead.

Based on the success of the studio’s original Orbit Sconce and its radiant, disc-shaped form, the introduction of the chandelier marks Workstead’s sixth lighting release of this year, their 10th anniversary.

The chandelier features the iconic reflective disc, with two larger concave surfaces facing outward, and two smaller discs reflecting light downward. The constellation of radial spun-metal reflectors bend light in four different directions, creating an ambient room-wide glow.

The chandelier is available in three different sizes, with three different finish options: hewn brass, hand-finished bronze, and brushed nickel. The height of the chandeliers is available in three variations, or can be customized.

The Orbit Chandelier is available for purchase at

The Minimalist Orbit Chandelier by Workstead

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