Nook Pod is a gabled workspace

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Dezeen Showroom: Nook has created a family of gabled private working pods that respond to changes in office environments after the coronavirus pandemic.

The Nook Pod has a pitched frame enclosing chairs and benches for working.

It comes in three arrangements including a Huddle Pod for two people, with a glass partition between them, an Open Shelter for one person, or as A Solo Booth, which involves splitting the structure in two.

The brand envisions the pods helping companies provide extra space as people return to work.

"Social distancing places pressure on the capacity of any space," said Nook.

"As the flow of employees gradually increases, businesses will be challenged to provide spaces that work both in terms of social distancing and everyday productivity."

The gabled structures are built on lockable wheels so they can be moved around easily. The modules can also be attached together in a variety of arrangements.

"The fact that Nooks are built on lockable wheels becomes a very valuable proposition," added the brand. "Unused and unloved corners of an office can be transformed into meeting spaces and breakout areas simply by wheeling a Nook into position."

Nook Pods have a hard exterior and a textile interior for added comfort. Additional details can include added backdrops and lighting control.

In addition to offices, Nook said the pods can be used for a variety of other spaces like in hospitals to provide doctors and nurses with a place to relax. They were also recently installed in the stadium of American football team the Las Vegas Raiders.

"These Sensory Nooks are equipped with soothing lighting and tactile surfaces to provide neurodiverse fans with a place to relax and recharge if the atmosphere of the stadium ever becomes too much," said the brand.

Product: Nook Pod

Brand: Nook Pod


Nook Pod is a gabled workspace

Nook Pods can create private workspaces within offices


Nook believes the pods are suitable for socially distant working


Three different arrangements – Huddle Pod, Open Shelter and Solo Booth – suit different needs