PORTS Storage system by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

Pearson Lloyd
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Dezeen Showroom: London studio Pearson Lloyd has created the multifunctional PORTS Storage shelf for office furniture brand Bene.

The unit forms part of Bene's PORTS line, which also contains a storage table and lounge chair designed for contemporary workplaces.

"The market for executive offices and furniture has not changed for over a century," said Pearson Lloyd co-founder Tom Lloyd.

"It is still defined in terms of hierarchy and old concepts of status, without considering the users' needs. PORTS offers a new way to define what a private workspace looks like and how it functions."

In response to this changing office landscape, PORTS Storage is designed to double up as a room divider or a cloakroom with shelves and can even house a mini-fridge, pinboards and whiteboards within its frame.

"The private office is slowly disappearing," added co-founder Luke Pearson.

"And managers are becoming more open, collaborative, democratic – and younger. So they need as much time and space as possible to plan how they will fulfil their responsibilities and to think creatively."

Product: PORTS Storage

Designer: Pearson Lloyd

Brand: Bene

Contact: office@bene.com

PORTS Storage system by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

PORTS Storage by Pearson Lloyd is intended to be multifunctional


In addition to shelving, it acts as a frame for dividers or pinboards

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