Chatpod by Impact Acoustic

Impact Acoustic
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Dezeen Showroom: recycled acoustic specialist Impact Acoustic has created a range of soundproof booths that can be installed in offices to create private meeting rooms.

Designed by Impact Acoustic's co-founder Jeffrey Ibañez, the Chatpod booths were created to be a room-in-room solution that allows for private meetings or calls to take place within an office.

Each Chatpod has a soundproof interior with an integrated power, lighting and ventilation system, while its exterior is designed to absorb the noise created in busy offices and can be finished in a choice of 25 colours.

The booths are designed for a variety of uses and come in five different sizes – the smallest accommodates a single person standing while the largest can seat six people.

The booths are all made in Impact Acoustic's factory in the Swiss Alps from upcycled materials and are designed so that all the elements can be recycled at the end of the pod's life.

Product: Chatpod

Designer: Jeffrey Ibañez

Brand: Impact Acoustic


The smallest booths accommodate one person standing

The smallest booths accommodate one person standing


Chatpods are available in a variety of colours


Chatpod has five models that cater to different work modes.