Innovative, functional yet sculptural Axolight designs shine bright in total white

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Although also a timeless theme of winter, Axolight’s innovative, functional yet sculptural designs now adorn the classicism of a total white finish.

Its brilliance helps accentuate the concepts of elegance, perfection and purity in their lighting. The result distinguishes a simple but sophisticated appearance that ensures the designs can be versatile to fit various settings and use. From metal structures to imperceptible materials, the total white finish offers free rein to creatively configure your interior or even the outdoors.

Bright, light and highly flexible, the battery-powered ‘float‘ lamp designed by Mario Alessiani is now available in white as well as four other colorways: black, blue, cement gray and powder mauve. The light is designed for various uses as table, floor, suspension and wall options, even for both indoor and outdoor settings. Made from aluminum and steel, the curved body features a distinct hole in its center that fits atop many different stands. Its battery can be recharged via a USB cable, with a duration of nine hours approximately.

Designed by Giovanni Barbato, the charm and elegance of the slim ‘hoops’ light is now visualized in the brand-new white finish too. Inspired by celestrial orbits, its sinuous lines dance around a nucleus of LED light. The design is available in four suspension versions as well as two ceiling options.

Characterized by metal and crystal, the ‘fedora’ designed by dima loginoff is inspired by the traditional russian shape of the matryoshka doll. The antique silhouette forms the starting point for the modern, reinterpreted design, which can now be dressed in white, bronze, silver and gold colors. It is available as a recessed downlight and as various types of suspension lamp: single, a cluster of three, six or 12 lights, or a composition of seven lights in a line.

Designed by Serge and Robert Cornelissen, the wall and ceiling versions of the ‘kwic’ light has been updated in white as well as its original anthractive color. Inspired by a drop of mercury sliding down a surface, the design defines a playful combination of geometric shapes. It features three overlapping components; a metal structure flows into a circle disk made in coated aluminum, which then houses a semi-spherical diffuser in blown glass. The latter holds the light source within.

The minimal design of the Axolight ‘orchid‘ lamp, created by Rainer Mutsch, can be colored in white as well as sand and anthracite finishes now. The design unites innovation, efficiency and sustainability with hi-tech details at its core. Its multidirectional lighting solution emits direct and suffused light beams through funnel-shaped diffusers made of aluminum. Dimmable LED light technology helps prevent overheating to provide a maximum lifespan. The versatile sculpture is available in a table version as well as floor, suspension and applique options.

finish info:

Brand: Axolight

Finish: white

Designs: float, hoops, fedora, kwic and orchid

including a table, floor, suspension and wall version, the ‘float’ light can even be placed on top of a bottle

including a table, floor, suspension and wall version, the ‘float’ light can even be placed on top of a bottle


the wall option of the ‘float’ lamp


the ‘hoops’ design is available in four suspension and two ceiling options


the ‘hoops’ design is available in four suspension and two ceiling options


the ‘fedora’ suspension light


the ‘orchid’ wall lights and table lamp