Three new bathroom colour palettes designed for lockdown living

Victoria + Albert Baths
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Wallpaper* and Victoria + Albert Baths make a splash with new colour ideas to inspire peace and calm

As we learn to spend more time in the cocoon of our home, our focus is increasingly turning to those familiar surroundings – the spaces in which we live, work, relax and contemplate. The textures and colours that surround us each and every day have taken on more importance than ever; no longer just decoration, they are now a carefully considered and significant contributing factor to our wellbeing and sense of place.

Victoria + Albert Baths, a luxury brand with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful designs (its baths can be found in hotels across the Belmond and Nomad group portfolios), believes that bathroom design should go beyond monochromatic options. Instead, its free-standing baths and basins are available in a wealth of bespoke colours that can match and harmonise with the tones and textures of their surroundings.

Inspired by the manufacturer’s innovative spirit, Wallpaper* has collaborated with Victoria + Albert Baths on three new colour palettes that add joy and calm to inner sanctums. Compiled by Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas for the current climate’s refocused lifestyle philosophy, the three palettes – Wavelengths, Dune Retreat and Light Industrielle – have been chosen to represent a trio of different moods.


From Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater to Thomas Heatherwick’s Vessel, the dynamic nature of water has long influenced architecture and design. Evoking a sense of calm and wellbeing, Wavelengths offers a tranquil colour spectrum that sails across deep, inky Atlantic waters to the sun-dappled Mediterranean and onto the bluey-green Aegean.

Dune Retreat

This warm, contemplative and escapist palette takes its cues from the shifting sands of the desert and the sun-baked earth. Evoking the colours of natural minerals such as feldspar, quart and ochre, Dune Retreat is inspired by contemporary desert architecture from Arizona to Morocco, designed to withstand the challenging climatic conditions of arid environments and extreme temperatures.

Light Industrielle

Referencing contemporary architecture and classic industrial design, this palette is steely, robust and minimalist. Influenced by building materials, structural forms and angular, geometric shapes, the resulting tonal range of subtle greys and accents of orange is both elegant and effective.

‘The emotional impact of colour has a new relevance,’ says Sarah Douglas. ‘These colour palettes have been created to help shape our mood, improve our wellbeing and bring light into our day-to-day lives.’

Established in 1996, Victoria + Albert Baths has showrooms in London and Milan, as well as dedicated production facilities in South Africa. Design and manufacturing are both carried out in-house, with all free-standing baths made from 100 per cent Quarrycast, a signature blend of finely ground Volcanic Limestone and high-performance resins. Sporting elegant proportions and opulent curves, Victoria + Albert Baths’ products are designed to create the perfect bathing experience, transforming any space into a luxurious sanctuary.

Wavelengths colour palette

Wavelengths colour palette