These Designers Transformed Oil Barrels Into Furniture

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Dennis Schnelting and Carsten Trill of product design label Lockengeloet, have created a collection of furniture pieces made from oil barrels.

Their very first oil barrel cabinet was made from a neighbor’s oil drum about 15 years ago, and now they use metal oil barrels from the Port of Hamburg in Germany.

Their collection ranges from small open coffee tables to partially open shelving units that can acts as bedside tables, to enclosed cabinets designed as bars or to hold sound equipment.

A variety of colorful finishes highlight the barrel shape, while some also include wood accents like tabletops and legs.

The designers mention, “We want to place the ordinary in an unfamiliar context and thus create something new that surprises and that you can enjoy for a long time.”

These Designers Transformed Oil Barrels Into Furniture