Bodo Sperlein’s Iconic Curvaceous Contour Chair

Bodo Sperlein
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Earlier this year, designer Bodo Sperlein shared his iconic Contour Chair at Galerie Philia’s Cabinet de Virtuosites II.

Part of Sperlein’s larger Contour furniture collection, it features clean curves and an organic silhouette inspired by the Art Nouveau movement. The Contour Chair brings together contemporary and timeless qualities, pushing furniture-making boundaries through the use of complex and innovative techniques.

Made in the UK by skilled craftsmen, each Contour Chair takes an entire week to create. Planks of wood are individually chosen to keep the grain consistent. However, one chair is produced from several planks to create extra stability. It’s available in Black Walnut, Oak, and an engineering grade timber. There’s also a Beech option that’s finished using Shou Sugi Ban, a Japanese charring technique that highlights the textures and details in the wood.

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Bodo Sperlein’s Iconic Curvaceous Contour Chair

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