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Marset’s Zenc Lighting Pulls Inspiration From an Iconic Urban Presence

The contemporary aesthetic of Marset’s new Zenc light fixture is inspired by the water tanks found on rooftops in New York City – do you see it?

The hint of industrial aesthetics, the drum pendant that seems to be made of oxidized metal with welded joints. Long an integral part of New York’s identity, water towers are still performing the very same function now as back at the beginning of the 19th century when they debuted. Zenc hopes to carry with it that same kind of legacy for lighting – timeless and iconic.

In reality, Joan Gaspar’s simple design for Marset is made of polyethylene that’s lightweight and flexible. A unique bi-layer of roto-moulding creates a textured exterior in a variety of vibrant colors, paired with a flat interior in bright white for optimal light quality and reflection. Zenc’s 17-inch diameter is an ideal size, hang it alone to make a statement or use a cluster of fixtures for something much bolder. The fixture is large enough to accommodate most spaces, but small enough to look great in groups. Choose between blue, grey, off-white, red, pale pink, and pale yellow – there’s something available for every project and design sensibility.

Give any space a pop of interest and color with Zenc, available for purchase at

Marset’s Zenc Lighting Pulls Inspiration From an Iconic Urban Presence


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