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Sculptural cone-shaped chair by Emanuele Magini doubles as comfortable bed


Adding to his extensive collection of creative furniture designs, Emanuele Magini unveils ‘Gea’, a cone-shaped chair where one can hide, rest, and sleep. Deeply influenced by the Italian designer’s quest for privacy, the piece takes shape as a ‘domestic shell’ that fully envelops the user and can double as a comfortable bed. The design embodies both conceptual and sculptural qualities, adding an eye-catching element to any interior setting.


Emanuele Magini imagines Gea as more than a chair, forming ‘a place of freedom’ where one can isolate, and relax. Users can crawl into the large seat and feel completely protected thanks to its cone-shaped resting surface wrapping around them. The chair is large enough to fit two seated individuals or to serve as a small yet comfortable bed.

The design is composed of a soft truncated conical volume covered in colorful Lycra with metal and white ABS base. Known for his ability to create fun and exciting designs, Magini has shaped Gea as a multifunctional piece that will surely add a playful note to your living room.

Project info:

Name: Gea

Designer: Emanuele Magini

‘Gea’ by Emanuele Magini takes shape as a protective ‘domestic shell’


  • Via Carlo Farini, 6, 20154 Milano MI, Italy
  • Emanuele Magini