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#People Is a Dream Come True for Robby Simon

One upside from the past few years has been people having the chance to explore creative avenues that otherwise may have eluded them.

Robby Simon is a largely self-taught Black furniture designer and maker based in Atlanta, Georgia who was working a 9-to-5 job like most of us. His journey to creating his company,, began during the pandemic through a learning and development opportunity made available to him through his day job at Mailchimp.

Simon worked with his mentor, Robell Awake, another Black furniture maker in the city, to learn more about what his heart was pulling him towards creating. Why was Simon being guided in this direction? Because he realized he could be after seeing a handmade credenza in an executive’s office made by a local artist.

Now, Simon is part of Mass Collective, a maker space that gives him access to all of the tools he needs to design and build. Last year, he designed and built his first collection with another on its way this year. We’re looking forward to what creativity pours out of him next.

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  • Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Robby Simon