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With La French Fab, experience industry in a new way.

Creative by nature, industrial by tradition, strongly innovative, France invents the industry of tomorrow and inspires the future. Its industry stands out through strong abilities, techniques and a unique savoir-faire. La French Fab is the new inspiration for industry.

It supports a more digitized and respectful industrial era, deeply committed to designing disruptive and innovative industrial processes, always seeking to preserve an equal balance between working conditions and well-being. Passionate about energy efficiency and limiting the impact on the environment, France is at the cutting-edge of the digital transition, leading the next eco-industrial revolution, the “solutions revolution”.

La French Fab also aims at sharing responsible good practices and industrial savoir-faire to connect talented people for more inclusive and competitive jobs in a protected environment. Renowned for its excellence, and with a strong avant-garde spirit, French manufacturing is at the forefront of the factory of the future.

Launched in 2017 by the Minister of the Economy, Finance and the Recovery, Bruno Le Maire, La French Fab brings together the industrial ecosystem across France.



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