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QB certification, the quality guarantee for players in the construction industry to promote the technical performance of their products and services

QB certification guarantees the performance of industrial products and services to those commissioning building works.

A trustworthy guarantee that every stage is mastered, from design and manufacture toimplementation and even reconditioning, QB certification is issued to holders by an independent and impartial body, the CSTB.

A veritable decision aid tool, QB certification helps technical advisors to choose the most suitable products.

QB Certification enables certified industrial players to stand out from the competition and thus to access new French, European and international markets.

QB certification in a few figures (to be validated)

- over 3500 certification holders

- 450 categories of certified products

- Tens of thousands of certified products

Construction industry players, to find out more about QB certification,

contact Aurélie Tricoire (, Karine Hecquet ( or Franck

Vignau ( or download this documentation (


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  • CSTB