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Guidelight Sets the Mood for Adventure or Relaxation

Providing portable, rechargeable illumination, Guidelight does more than illuminate.

Designed by Floris Schoonderbeek for Weltevree, it has the ability to set the mood for any scenario: dim and intimate, a flashlight for adventure, or a spotlight for use while working on home projects. A metal handle makes it easy to take Guidelight with you as a portable lantern or hang it on a hook or tree branch for hands-free lighting.

Easily rechargeable via a micro-USB cable that’s included, all you need is an adapter or computer with USB input. The charging port is located under a hidden black cap on the side of the lamp, and shows a small flashing light while charging. Fully charged, the dimmable light will last up to 10 hours when at its highest setting and up to 150 hours at its lowest. Guidelight features an LED bulb with an approximate life of 50,000 hours, so it won’t need replacing any time soon. And while it can handle small splashes, Guidelight isn’t waterproof or meant to be used in bad weather.

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Guidelight Sets the Mood for Adventure or Relaxation


  • Statenlaan 8, 6828 WE Arnhem, Netherlands
  • Floris Schoonderbeek