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Arne Jacobsen’s lamps for St Catherine’s College are now available from Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen present the ‘AJ Oxford Table Lamp’ series, conceived by Arne Jacobsen for St Catherine's College, Oxford, and now put into production for the first time

Arne Jacobsen conceived Oxford’s St Catherine’s College, inaugurated in 1964, as a Gesamtkunstwerk, working on every element of the campus, from the architecture to the gardens, as well as furniture and lighting throughout (he even picked the type of fish that would swim in the pond). Now, Danish lighting company Louis Poulsen has issued for the first time the lighting designs created especially for the legendary college, in the form of the ‘AJ Oxford Table Lamp’ series.

Widely considered one of Jacobsen's masterpieces, the design for the college adhered to Oxford's traditional quadrangle layout while following a modern canon and employing materials such as brick, concrete and glass.

Arne Jacobsen’s lighting designs for St Catherine’s College

As part of the project, Jacobsen created a distinctive lighting design. It was originally designed for the college's refectory, where it is still in use, installed on the oak tables dedicated to students and teaching staff.

Jacobsen designed several versions of the lamp: a classic table version, a pendant version, as well as a pin-mounted lamp. Louis Poulsen brings back the design for the general public, with three versions that pay tribute to the Jacobsen originals by staying true to his design concept.

Essential designs in black and white, each lamp features a slim black stem that doubles as a base, its sinuous design a minimalist approach to industrial production. The black cord continues the visual line, honouring Jacobsen's sculptural, elegant approach. The ‘AJ Oxford Table Lamp’ is an ideal intimate lighting object, casting a discreet light over its surroundings and adapting to different settings around the home and beyond.

Two table lamp sizes come with or without the black metal shade and the original brass on/off 'union nut' button on the top, perfectly replicating the original design and further proving Jacobsen's timeless approach.

The ‘AJ Oxford Table Lamp’ will be available from Spring 2023

(Image credit: Courtesy Louis Poulsen)


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