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Henri Judin Shares Furniture That Straddles Minimalism + Maximalism

The furniture collection Henri Judin displayed at SaloneSatellite during Milan Design Week 2023 is searching for something. That something is the exact point that lies halfway between minimalism and maximalism, a place where the design choices aren’t too little or too much. Inspired by the built environment, city, pop art, and plenty of neon yellow, Judin’s collection hits the nail on the head.

“Neon yellow is mesmerizing. Working with the color has brought me memories I almost had forgotten. When I was a child, I loved most the clothes with neon yellow details in them,” Judin shared. “One winter, I got fluorescent yellow ice skates. I was bullied at school because of them as they were different from everyone else’s. But I didn’t care – I felt invincible with my skates. Remembering the joy and the empowerment, I knew I wanted to use the color in the collection. I hope the collection and the colors radiate joy for the people.”

Judin’s hope in sharing the collection in Milan is to promote his talents while testing the waters for new collaborations, commissions, and projects. The shared furniture pieces are commercially feasible, featuring a current yet timeless style. With wood as the primary material, each design feels refined but edgy with the addition of bright, saturated colors.

Judin’s Pehku daybed was created in collaboration with his best friend, Aino Sirje. In fact, it was one of Sirje’s first woodworking pieces and their first project together. The durable structure’s assembly is tucked away inside the wooden birch frame, leaving no visible attachments. Bolster pillows act as backrests when Pehku is placed against a wall and pillows when someone lays down.

Small but effective, Baby is a coffee table that can’t be ignored. The table’s top comprises four squircle-shaped blocks – each a different size and color. Each of the four pieces sits atop its own ellipse-shaped foot. Judin notes that he would love for Baby to grow into a table collection to suit more purposes.

Traditional made modern, the Tube sofa and Tube chair borrow elements from wooden spoke-back designs and combine them with voluminous, round shapes. Interesting and comfortable, Tube’s seating is a good fit for both homes and public spaces.

You definitely won’t miss the eye-catching Bunker cabinet. With bold neon yellow, it’s somewhat balanced by a wooden base of drawers. Of course that’s intentional, with the design play of proportions and contrast making it all the more interesting. Judin was inspired by a brutalist concrete building called Bunkkeri that lives in the Jätkäsaari neighborhood in Helsinki.

Last, but not least, is Pappagallo. The wooden spoke-back dining chair takes from both modern and traditional design, resulting in a colorful piece of seating that Judin compares to a parrot.

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