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Studio Thier & van Daalen’s Hypnotic GRID Pendant Lights Debut at Salone del Mobile

An assemblage of colorful, confectionary lights illuminated a corner of this year’s Salone del Mobile 2023.

Studio Thier & van Daalen’s GRID pendant lights are mouth-blown glass crafted into knobbly shapes resembling an assortment of super-sized hard candies (in fact, to this writer’s eyes, they immediately evoked fond memories of a favorite childhood confection alongside the bittersweet memories the shapes are associated with the fruit flavored treats) – literally a light-spirited manifestation of illumination.

Studio Thier & van Daalen explored various glass shapes and structures to fashion a mesmerizing array of imaginary projections and reflections illuminating from the bulbous, structured glass surfaces. An imaginative eye may see cloudy skies, rippling water, or morning dew glowing forth in a soothing and hypnotic effect glowing from these pendant lights onto nearby surfaces.

The round structure in the glass is created when the red-hot, almost liquid bubble is on one side pressed into the brutalist steel construction. Directed by the designers, the right combination of temperature, air pressure, and gravity leave a soft imprint of the structure in the glass.

When light is projected across the textured pendant glass, variances in roundness and thickness across the glass surface become visible.

To further enhance and complement the GRID pendant light’s enchanting light shaping presence, the studio developed a custom spherical LED spot (both dimmable and set to a warmly rated 2700°K) to accurately project light where desired, while also doubling as mounting bead.

The GRID pendant light was on display at Salone del Mobile within the Dutch corner (aka, Isola Design) of the annual international design fair.

Studio Thier & van Daalen’s Hypnotic GRID Pendant Lights Debut at Salone del Mobile


  • Populierenweg, 5616 SK Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Studio Thier & van Daalen