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Find out what’s in our latest issue, from materials and methods for Northern constructions to innovative products presented at ISH.

Our Nordic Design & Architecture special uncovers the rising normality for using wood when constructing and the most appropriate methods and materials to ensure innovative and responsive design for cold regions. Our Stockholm based contributor reveals in-depth details of the zero emissions building Snøhetta recently produced in Norway. Lastly, a trip to Stockholm Design Week gave us the opportunity to disclose the most interesting Design Talks that took place.The Design Talks targeted creation and there’s much to say.

Our Virtual Stand of Wonders also unveils a collection of art work inspiring creative wall design to designers and architects who love toying with original ideas for the walls. Japanese artist Yusuke Asai goes beyond beauty by reaching an ecological and economical level with his soil wall paintings. This section will light the fire to your creative mind.

Our team was present during ISH, one of the world’s most renowned trade fairs combining water and air, and brings you an exceptional assortment products and a must-read opinion article by architect Fabrice Knoll. He explains the growing need for architects to consider ‘spa-ing’ up hotel bathrooms. He puts forward the latest designs for the bathroom to use when building the ‘bathroom spa’. The sales manager at TOTO Europe GmbH discusses the Japanese brand’s CF toilet collection in a video interview, and the product manager at Axor describes Philippe Starck’s latest addition to the Starck V collection in another video interview.

Meier mentions Starck’s inventions as sometimes a bit crazy, positively crazy. On a softer note, we felt the textiles presented at IMM and had some questions. In an interview with Michael & Camilla Fischbacher from Christian Fischbacher textiles you find out about their contribution to the company and current dilemmas & solutions for the textile industry. We selected some of the best products from IMM Cologne for you and offer you a profound piece on the installation of the Das Haus by Neri&Hu. Don’t miss the additional video interviews we did with people such as French designer Erwan Bouroullec and the marketing manager at NCS Colour who unveils their latest tool.

A special treat we have in store for you is a run-through of Design Days Dubai. Our Dubai-based contributing journalist Kurt Parry put together a nice review of this young event, launched only in 2011. We’ve also grouped together the best pieces from DDD so you won’t miss out. On the innovative road the Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan in Montreal has more than meets the eye. We dig into its physiognomy to reveal all its architectural elements in an article by our Canadian-based contributor Marc-André Carignan. Find out what’s so incredible about this building in our Deconstruction section.

Lastly we will be publishing a special edition on iSaloni Milan live. LIVE. We’ll release a teaser for those who just can’t wait on 8 April. Throughout the design week we’ll be updating our teaser articles and publishing fresh articles daily. Don’t miss this live coverage of iSaloni.

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