Studio mk27
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Another groundbreaking piece of Brazilian architecture

With the Tetris House, the famous Brazilian architecture firm Studio mk27 achieved another tour de force and broke some new ground in the world of modern architecture. Mixing the classics (geometric elements materialized in a perfect mix of wood and stone, an amazing balance between organic and unnatural elements in the design), the Brazilian architects came up with a winning combination that allows them to perfectly imbricate an imposing building in the strong and flourishing nature of the surroundings.

In the tradition of Oscar Niemeyer and modern Brazilian architecture, the design of the Tetris House appears very strong and imposing. The first signs of the leitmotiv of imbrication appear contradictory. Indeed, at first, the geometric elements of the house make it look like it’s detached from its environment. The thin recurring motive of the laminated wooden cladding gives a direction to the interior and an overwhelming, almost invasive, sense of horizontality. Yet, outside the orientation of the wood changes, and we suddenly find a verticality that balances the whole dynamic of the design. On the walls, the presence of large bookshelves continues to highlight the juxtapostion of vertical and horizontal.

These geometric oppositions make the Tetris House look like it is made of volumes that have been assembled by magic and found the most unexpected, yet perfect balance. Hence its name! In the end, the house looks like a vast corridor, opening on the beautiful garden. The imbrication metaphor ends with the house fitting perfectly with its natural surroundings.