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Searching for an eyecatching, yet sophisticated pendant to install above your dining table? You’ll find what you’re looking for in our Cleo family. This stately and modern pendant fits in every interior. You can choose if you want straight or bent bars to which the lamp is confirmed at the end. It is also possible to attach a glass around the lamp. The Cleo pendants are available in different colours: white, black, white-gold and black-gold. If you want the combinations with gold, it’s the connection that is produced in brass. We also have different colours for the glass: smokey grey, bronze or transparent. The bars can be linked in tree different ways: T-connection, cross connection or rotating connection.

The advantages

- Timeless design

- Stately but sophisticated

- Different possibilities to connect the bars

- Multiple designs with two, tree, four or five lamps

- Several colours available for the bars and the glass

- On demand: customized bent bars

Cleo interior
Cleo interior

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