Project - Marie Méro Antwerp

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Fashion store Antwerp (BE)

The Belgian fashion brand Marie Méro opened a new flagship store in the heart of Antwerp in July 2020. In order to put the shop in peak condition, they came to psmlighting again to provide the appropriate lighting.

This is not the first Marie Méro shop for which we are working out a lighting plan, so we already know what the needs are. As general lighting throughout the entire shop, we have therefore provided rails with matching Mero spotlights. The spotlights are equipped with a special LED module with

CRI90 and a high lumen value. As a result, the colours of the fabrics will always be reproduced as realistically as possible. The advantage of such rail systems is that all spotlights can change location individually. This means that the spotlights can always be positioned as required, because in shops the interior design or the position of mannequins changes regularly.

In addition to the Mero spotlights, we also opted for Luxor recessed spotlights. Like the surface-mounted spotlights, these luminaires were fitted with a special LED module with CRI90 and a lot of lumen. Although the Luxors cannot be moved, they are adjustable so that the light can be modified at any time according to the set-up of the shop.

To make it all a little more cosy, Marie Méro arranged two pleasant sitting areas. Here the men can stay under our Moby pendants while the women continue shopping to their heart's desire. And you also pay in style at the checkout. There the Mero pendants provide a clear view on the bill.

Do you also have a shop where you want to put your products in the spotlight? Feel free to contact us for more information.

Project - Marie Méro Antwerp

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