Restaurant Bacchus (BE)

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In restaurant Bacchus in Aalter, you can dine in peace and quiet in a cosy and family atmosphere. Psmlighting also contributed to this atmosphere with appropriate lighting.

Already from the driveway, you are welcomed by our Polo garden bollards. These were custom made so that they reach above the fence. The same collection was used in the entrance area, where you will find the hexagonal Polo wall lights. On the terrace, the owners opted for the conical wall lights, which provide a lot of cosiness on warm summer evenings.

Inside, we opted for the Spinner X recessed downlights for general lighting. To create an extra warm atmosphere, we added a number of long Polo wall lights. In the garden room, which was added later, you can also enjoy the wide view of the garden in winter. In this room, we opted for Jacob spotlights to accentuate the wall decoration. On the other wall, the owners went for Betaplus wall lights with a golden interior, again to emphasise that warm atmosphere.

Would you also like to create a homely feeling in your restaurant through the power of lighting? Contact us without obligation and together we will look at the possibilities.

Restaurant Bacchus (BE)

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