Grable High Stool

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High Stool

Betty Grable’s smile and legs have served as inspiration for this piece.

The Grable stool has an elegance and refined design. Detailed handmade joinery work completes the look.

It is easy to appreciate the mortise and tenon joints of the pieces of the stool, which denotes an excellence handmade work of the carpenters, far away from other industrial work.

The seat has a detailed ergonomic shape, to allow user comfort

We manufactured in solid Oak, which provides strength and hardness to bear hard and intense use. The natural oiled finish contributes to magnify the wood properties: texture, temperature, colour...

The metal bars, we use our personal and exclusive finish, based on rusted iron with some smooth varnish protection. It is a very complex process, absolutely handmade, which, as with wood, provides and very exclusive and original finish.

We may also use other finishes for bars (WEB Pictures).

Choice of different dimensions.

Grable High Stool

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