Series of lamps reference art deco TESSERACT 5080 - Neuilly - Paris Art déco

Raphaël ARMAND
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Complete lighting of a residential property, kicks Parmentier to Neuilly-sur-Seine. Lamps " Tesseract 500 ", Tesseract 600 and Tesseract 5080 appareillent all of common parts. More than about fifty lamps.

Find, thanks to the lighting, the structuring and uncluttered art deco and modernist character of the architecture of the 30s

Art deco specialist in lamps and modernists of the 30s. The mission which he(it) gave itself is to restore the inescapable(major) link between the geometry of the architecture and that of the light. For this building built in 1930 and renovated in 2017, more than 40 Raphaël Armand's lamps were gone(taken) up.

Main entrance of the building, Neuilly.
Main entrance of the building, Neuilly.

Lamps in the pure Art deco style of the 30s

Ceiling light Tesseract

One of the main paths. The 30s, Art deco. Ceiling lights have to find their place.

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