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Topfix® VMS by RENSON® presented at R+T (Stuttgart)

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The Topfix® VMS zenithal outdoor sun protection fabric features a revolutionary tension technique, made possible by the renowned Fixscreen® technology and has been specifically developed for the VELUX® Modular Skylights modules. The Topfix® VMS can be used with both the fixed and moveable modules e.g. with special mounting feet, enabling a perfect installation onto the VELUX® Modular Skylights. The combination of the VELUX® Modular Skylights and the RENSON® Topfix® VMS is an officially recognized solution by VELUX® and RENSON®.

The famous Fixcreen® technology provides an unparalleled amount of fabric tension that protects the fabric even in extreme wind loads of up to 120 km/h*, making shredded and flapping screens a thing of the past.

Product features:

• Zenithal outdoor sun protection fabric with revolutionary fabric tension

• Intelligent windproof guiding system made possible with Fixscreen® technology

• Electrical operation: it works by means of a special, by VELUX® approved protocol, that needs to be integrated in the building management system. This protocol is necessary to ensure a combined function between the VELUX® Modular skylights and Topfix® VMS.

• Extremely windproof: guaranteed up to 120km/h in a closed position*

• Profiles available in anodised version or in all RAL colours

• Soltis® polyester fabric available in a very wide range of colours


• For fixed, comfort ventilation and smoke ventilation modules of the VELUX® Modular skylights

• For hospitals, nursing homes, offices, schools, atriums, shopping centres, etc.


• Max. dimensions: W 4000 x P 3000 mm

• Aluminium casing: W 105 x P 100 mm

• Angle of inclination: 0° to 90°

• Top-bottom mounting


Topfix® VMS by RENSON® presented at R+T (Stuttgart)

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