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About Corian® Glacier White

Nick Mitchell
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The glory of Glacier White – the most enduring Corian® colour

Anyone who loves DuPont™ Corian® instinctively knows the Glacier White colour. It’s the vibrant, bright and brilliant shade most immediately associated with the brand and the one found most in domestic bathrooms and kitchens as well as in clinical and healthcare environments. So what is it about Corian® Glacier White that gives it such breadth of interior design appeal?

White bathrooms are traditional

Picture a bathroom. Any bathroom. Just close your eyes and think about it for a second. OK, what colour are the bathtub, washbasin and shower tray? White, right? White is just the colour we immediately associate with bathroom suites and that’s the reason so many people continue to choose it. Same with the kitchen – what colour is the kitchen sink? Again, white.

You see, the thing is about us humans: we’re sociable creatures of habit. We see how our families design their homes when we’re children and how our friends design their homes when we’re grown-ups and we’re influenced by them. That’s how tradition works. It makes us feel cosy and comfortable and grounded to live in houses that feel familiar.

Sure, we all love different interior design movements and we all love to push boundaries and be at the cutting edge of design. But, at the heart of that, there is always a sense of familiarity – something we connect to instinctively. And, because Corian® Glacier White has that brilliant purity about it, that’s the colour we immediately gravitate to when choosing our bathroom products. It just feels right.

White is the most versatile colour

When you choose Corian, you’re doing so not just because it looks beautiful, but because it also lasts a long time (the guarantee alone lasts for 10 years). So, you want to make sure it’s going to stay looking current in your home. And the neutrality of Corian Glacier White means that it just fits. Whatever the period, however your tastes change over the years, whichever decorations you choose to adorn your bathroom.

A Glacier White DuPont Corian washbasin will stay relevant even to the most changeable, fashion-conscious interior designers. If last year’s thing was minimalism but this year’s is maximalism – don’t worry. Glacier White is going to be just right in either or both. In that case, you’re just going to have to choose a fairly neutral design, like a Toronto Vanity Top, that works in any context.

But it’s not just about your changeability, is it? It’s also about how times change and how designs change – and Glacier White fits them all. It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing a neo-classical inspired shower room, a minimalist, mid-century modern washroom or an opulent boho bathroom, white is just the colour that works with them all. It’s the easy choice that will allow you to make much harder choices over the years around it.

White is the colour we associate with clinical cleanliness

It might seem strange that our interior design decisions are based on what they do in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, but it’s true. We style our bathrooms based on our semantic associations with other ‘clean’ environments – and there’s nowhere cleaner than the sterile environment of a healthcare setting.

In some ways, it seems counterintuitive to choose a colour that ‘shows up the dirt’. But, in a bathroom, that’s exactly what we want. You see, it’s not so much about seeing the dirt, when it comes to the bathroom, as its actual presence. Bacteria, limescale and general germs and dirt are the very reasons we have bathrooms – to get rid of such toxic offenders! So it’s a perfectly natural choice to have Glacier White in the bathroom – it helps spur you on to keep it as pristine and spotless as you keep your own body.

And the thing about Glacier White is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of cleaning to keep it looking new. Because Corian is nonporous, it doesn’t absorb liquids and is very resistant to staining (and bacteria and germs and dirt), as a result. So it not only gives us that clean feeling we want from the bathroom for its entire lifetime but it actually is clean. Corian is, by its nature, an antibacterial product. Never have clean freaks breathed such a heavy sigh of relief!

White bathrooms are beautiful

It’s the rather obvious point to end on, but there’s no getting around it. If you think about the world’s most stunning bathrooms – the ones that take your breath away – they’re going to be light and airy in nature. And, nine times out of ten, they’re going to feature a lot of white.

Corian Glacier White is DuPont’s way of taking that sense of pure aesthetic perfectionism to its logical conclusion. If you go through all the different Corian colours, you’ll see that there are 12 shades of white alone. Some of these are even brighter and icier than Corian Glacier White, which has a cold, silvery, almost greyish tone creeping in somehow. But that’s really the secret of its purity. It sits in that perfect place in our mind’s eye between snow-blind brilliance and bright spring morning that makes us feel clean, cosy and cutting edge all at the same time. Hats off to the colour designers over there at DuPont for that – it’s quite an achievement.

Peace Corian® Glacier White Washbasin
Peace Corian® Glacier White Washbasin

Alabama Plus Corian® Glacier White Washbasin

Double Tennessee Corian® Glacier White Wall-mounted Washbasin

A double sink Tennessee Corian® Glacier White Wall-mounted Washbasin with 2 taps and a 2-drawer Wall-mounted Modulo Bathroom Furniture.

Single Square Corian® Glacier White Wall-mounted Washbasin

A single Square Corian® Glacier White Wall-mounted Washbasin with 1 tap and a 1-drawer Wall-mounted Modulo Bathroom Furniture.

Area Corian® Glacier White Wall-mounted Washbasin

Large Area Corian® Glacier White Wall-mounted Washbasin with 2 taps and a 1-drawer Wall-mounted Modulo Bathroom Furniture.

Canada Corian® Glacier White Vanity Top

Corian® Vanity Tops can be made to mesure and are perfect to add on top of a Vanity Base or Bathroom Cabinet.

Georgia Corian® Glacier White Wall-mounted Vanity Unit

This Wall-mounted Vanity Unit is composed by a Georgia Corian® Glacier White Vanity Top with 2 Deck-mounted taps and a beautiful 2-drawer grey MDF Vanity Base.

Refresh Corian® Glacier White Carthage Wall-mounted Vanity Unit

This Wall-mounted Vanity Unit is composed by a single sink Refresh Corian® Glacier White Vanity Top with a single deck-mounted tap and a beautiful 2-drawer white MDF Vanity Base that also features a Solid Wood shelf.

Made to measure Liege Corian® Glacier White Shower Tray

Delight Corian® Glacier White Bathtub

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