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Rintal presents Nea, the steel staircase in which different materials is

Officially, will become part of the family of steel stairs, but in fact he prepares to break all the rules. Nea was born as a synthesis of different shapes and materials which, while respecting the traditional quality of the steel stairs for interiors (solidity and aesthetic minimalism) takes the distances presenting itself as a completely new product where steel, wood and glass come together to give shape to a scale of furniture rigorous lines but exclusive character.

Design and safety, then, for a scale that offers numerous solutions and configurations. Available with either single or dual structure, Nea can be customized thanks to a wide variety of colors and finishes, as well as to create both iron staircase painted or chrome-plated and stainless steel scales.

Nea also allows you to install different models of railing: Prisma, steel railing with simple lines and modern, or use the glass to create a glass staircase and steel-looking, more contemporary and minimalist.

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