DOT316 by Ritmonio: balance between shape and feature into the bathroom

Rubinetterie Ritmonio Srl
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As the name suggests, DOT316L represents a “firm point” that intersects the clear and orthogonal lines of the body of the mixer, engraved in the noble stainless steel AISI 316L. Pure, rigorous and rational lines, opposed to round and soft volumes, creating a play with shapes that perfectly demonstrate Ritmonio's desire to create a simply and sophisticated product.

Available in the following finishes: brushed stainless steel, brushed black stainless steel and champagne stainless steel; DOT316 has been designed to amaze and excite, to meet the needs of those who love minimal and refined design. Thanks to its identity, it fits perfectly in contexts where “less is more” and it is able to characterize and make the environment unique.

This series has water saving features, it is characterized by limited water flow, less than 9 l/m and designed to encourage the use the environmental resources responsibly.

The series DOT316 has been presented at Salone del Mobile 2018.

Focus on finishes:

- BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL: a sober and refined finish, it enhances the pure and rigorous shapes of the product

- BLACK STAINLESS STEEL: finish with a sophisticated soul, it gives personality to the environments and enhances their elegance.

- CHAMPAGNE STAINLESS STEEL: particular and refined, it embellishes the product and makes it the protagonist.


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