"Perfect match" between bathroom and kitchen: Ritmonio mixers in an apartment on the Aventino in Rome.

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Appartamento Marco Polo

The complete reorganization of the spaces, the design of the furnishings and the lighting design of the rooms were the design objectives of the Arch. Carola Vannini in this intervention carried out for a private residence of the Aventino, in Rome.

The living area has been completely opened to create a large and bright space with deep perspectives. The kitchen was in fact partially hidden by a green brick wall, which does not reach the ceiling, to allow the continuity of the spaces to be perceived. The wooden floor folds to create vertical surfaces, dividing the kitchen on one side and the large wall-bookcase on the other.

Since most of the kitchen is visible from the living room, it has been perfectly integrated into it through the use of an essential language devoid of virtuosity.

The sleeping area is completely private: a sliding door leads from the living room to the master bedroom, the guest / study room, the walk-in closet and the two bathrooms. The colors and materials used, play an extremely important role: a mix of dark green, (kitchen wall, sofa and armchairs), brown (parquet and furnishings) and white (walls), creates a feeling of relaxation and calm, becoming the trait d'union of the entire apartment.


The kitchen was designed to be partially separated from the living room. The brick wall, conceived as a curtain, hides part of it. In the center of it an opening has been created that allows the table to cross it. This allows a flexible use of the space - as demonstrated by the use of the same type of wood both for the floor and for the furnishings - and a pleasant communication between the different functional areas. For example, the wooden table continues through the wall and becomes the worktop. The storage cabinets under the worktop maintain a clean design: the handles disappear and the appliances are recessed and completely invisible from the outside.

The furnishings, in a way, hide their function: the wooden doors hide large container elements, the scenographic green neon is used to illuminate the work surface but also to highlight the depth of the space through the repetition of the green resin wall.

An ingenious component is the tap: the Cardano series by Ritmonio, thanks to the articulated and removable spout, guarantees comfort of use and maximum practicality; the recessed configuration is also practical and space-saving


The master bedroom is characterized by a white glass wall, which gives the space a great atmosphere. The floor folds again to give visibility to the bed and wardrobe, confirming the feeling of space that continues. A large niche embeds the bed and highlights it through the use of a decorative and practical lighting system at the same time.

A large sliding door divides the main room from the space reserved for guests. This is to allow the owners of the apartment to combine the two rooms when (most of the time) they prefer to use the smaller room as a study or simply as a continuation of the master bedroom.


Here architecture and design are consciously merged with the aim of creating a space where the gaze flows naturally following the volumes. The master bathroom has been designed to create a relaxing and warm space through a careful use of colors: black, white and red coexist in a refined harmony that defines the architectural lines at the same time. The details and furnishings (shelves, wooden furniture and decorative elements) have been custom designed by Arch. Vannini. The black glass bathtub follows the geometric lines of the space.

For a "perfect match" between kitchen taps and the main bathroom environment, the Diametro35 Inox and Cardano collections by Ritmonio were chosen. Special features, different finishes, reliable performance and refined aesthetic details add a touch of style to different environments, with a current mood, creating harmony.

Thanks to the several possible combinations, the hosts were able to express - also through the choice of the taps - their own personality, creating "made to measure" places that respond to their own idea of style, where they can finally recognize each other. With Ritmonio taps, every use experience is transformed into a unique indoor wellness experience.

Technical Features:

The Diametro35 Inox e Cardano series are among the Ritmonio’s products with water saving features, characterized by the ECO water flow, less than 9 l/m, and it is designed to encourage to use the environmental resources responsibly

"Perfect match" between bathroom and kitchen: Ritmonio mixers in an apartment on the Aventino in Rome.

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