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Nu Collection: Colour Calling

Roca’s collaboration with Studio Inma Bermúdez results in a colourful, award-winning faucet collection

With three models of different handles available in six glossy colours, Nu embodies emotions and sums up essential design elements while staying true to Roca’s Mediterranean DNA.

With a bold approach to colour and a strong sustainability aspect, this vivid collection inspired by the Mediterranean palette has become the most awarded product in Roca’s history, captivating design enthusiasts worldwide. Since its launch in Frankfurt last year, it has received several prestigious international design awards, including Red Dot, BDNY, Monocle Design, Iconic, Dezeen, Good Design and IF, cementing its position at the pinnacle of design excellence.

What makes Nu so unique is that it takes risks by playing with colour in a new and creative way. The collection comes in six glossy colours, inspired by Roca’s Mediterranean DNA: green, blue, yellow, black, white and chrome. “Our initial inspiration came from whitewashed Mediterranean houses with their blue, green, and red doors,” explains Inma Bermúdez. “And, after discovering Andreu Carulla’s Tura collection, inspired by the architecture of Barcelona, we thought that this new collection could also be a reference to the elegant and multicoloured mosaic floor tiles found in the city’s Modernist apartments”, continues Inma. The designer sought saturated colours, rather than pastels; colours that would shout ‘Here we are!’. The glossy finish was an equally important decision, standing out for being a different and innovative coating.

Offering three different handles named Pin, Dome, and Stripes, and featuring a 35-millimetre body diameter – Roca’s thinnest to date – and rounded shapes, the collection blends ingenuity, sustainability, and quality. Inma Bermúdez’s greatest challenge was how to achieve such an innovative design. Describing the process, she recalls it was hard to innovate due to technical restrictions and to design something unique while ensuring efficient production at the same time.

Each handle has distinct characteristics. The Dome model embraces its rounded architectural form; a soft-edged shape that is both organic and strong. Based on the grooved knobs on old stereos, Stripes is like an architectural piece that combines the simplicity of its cylindrical form with the more decorative touch of its ribbed and textured surface. Meanwhile, the thin elongated handle of Pin assumes a graceful bird-like form.

The details found in each of these faucets reflect the uniqueness of this collection. The red and blue dots that indicate cold and hot are discreetly placed under the handles so that when the faucet is turned on, the design creates a smiling face. “Everyone notices the smile,” says Inma Bermúdez. “We tried to make the products come to life because we believe that objects have an essence. We wanted to make things easy and beautiful, and if we can evoke a smile in the process, then all the better.”

According to Inma, there is a notable explosion of colour in interior design since the pandemic and therefore, she believes people want to be surrounded by joyful, positive things. Her upbeat, yet timeless collection is a product of this post-pandemic world. Flashy without being garish, Nu’s elegant colours add something quite iconic to Roca’s faucet catalogue. By the same token, Nu is a versatile collection, providing architects and interior designers with a choice to complement their personal style.

Sustainability and innovation

With the aerator hidden inside the faucet and the application of the Cold Start system, Nu’s design reduces the flow of water every time it is used and avoids unnecessary CO2 emissions. In terms of packaging and transportation, single-use plastics have been eliminated and the collection is made in Europe to help lower its overall carbon footprint.

All six colours are available for washbasin faucets, while the rest of the applications are only available in chrome and Titanium Black.

Nu Collection: Colour Calling


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