HARP | design Rodolfo Dordoni

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reclining chair.

The iconic string chair, the precursor of this timeless collection, finds a new design solution in the recliner

version, preserving the original concept: the geometry of the shapes, the strength and the comfort

offered by the materials ‐ cord and steel – combined together in an extremely natural way.

Lightness is the keyword: the silhouette of the stainless steel structure, with a light and continuous

drawing, gives a particular fluidity to the shape; a loom of strands of cords creates a crossing game of

horizontal and vertical lines, drawing the backrest and the seat of the recliner with extreme precision.

HARP is a project created by RODA''s expertise in the outdoor furniture, where handcraft meets

technology producing pieces of extraordinary comfort; the cords, welded by hand on tubular stainless

steel structure, tend rhythmically from one point to another, shaping the seat and the back.

HARP recliner chair is adjustable in two positions, with the backrest slightly tilted for reading, or totally

reclined for a complete relaxation. It can be folded to be stored when not used.

The recliner is available with stainless steel structure, painted in smoke color with grey cords, or painted

in milk color with sand‐colored cords. The cords are in a double polyester twisted thread with a cotton

finishing, perfect to stay outdoor thanks to their resistance to abrasion, heat, chemical and atmospheric

agent, as well as humidity and light.


HARP recliner 130x62x112 cm (lxdxh)

HARP | design Rodolfo Dordoni

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