NEW: wooden balustrade by RONSTAN

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Long spans, security and minimal visual impact were the criteria for the balustrade guard rail system on the elevated walkway at the re-developed Sydney University. Working closely with architects TCL, Ronstan Tensile Architecture recommended the ABS3 anti-theft balustrade system for the project. The theft and tamper resistant features of ABS3, along with its 20m+ (65ft) span capability, made it the ideal choice. The project’s landscape architect also wanted to create an ‘industrial’ feel for the footbridge incorporating rusted posts and a large diameter cable handrail.

Ronstan assisted with the design of the 26mm (1″) diameter 1×19 construction ACS3 cable system to ensure the connections, which are normally large for this size wire, were small and appropriate for the guard rail application. Protection against galvanic corrosion was a prime consideration with this installation; a result of the unique combination of materials and environment. This challenge was efficiently addressed by Ronstan Tensile Architecture with the design and production of UV stabilised nylon isolation bushes that could be inserted after the cable was in place. This ensured protection against corrosion and simplified the installation process leading to minimal time on site.

The final walkway balustrade guard rail looks fantastic demonstrating yet again that the public domain is the perfect realm of ABS3.

NEW: wooden balustrade by RONSTAN

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