Tall Column Riser by Rosseto Serving Solutions

Rosseto Serving Solutions
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Introducing the Tall Column Riser—Going vertical has never been so easy. Rosetto’s Tall Column Riser will give you the height you need to expand surface area on a table top with dramatic effect.

Rosseto Riser Systems elevate your food and beverage presentation.

The hallmark for beauty to many artists, architects and product designers has often been the marriage of aesthetic appeal and a high level of utility. Rosseto® Serving Solutions believes this relationship between form and function can be applied to the dining industry as well, which is why we created the ultimate line of buffet display risers and table stands. Each one of our risers is made from only the highest-quality materials, like sturdy solid steel for our frames and top-notch, commercial-grade wood, bamboo, acrylic and glass for our Skycap display riser caps. The products in our line of buffet risers come in variety of sizes and shapes that will fit any theme or environment you can imagine. Rosseto's buffet table risers will grab your patrons' attention and never let go.

Tall Column Riser by Rosseto Serving Solutions

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