Garden creation with a small swimmingpool

Rouviere Collection
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This old house in Provence was missing a confortable garden and a swimmingpool for hot summer afternoons

Rouviere Construction has created a Lilliputian swimmingpool in this small garden. The dimensions are 420x200 cm. It is elevated over the floor and the external walls are covered with natural stones. The internal wall is covered by microconcrete based plaster (color ref BC23 Acier, dark grey). The swimmingpool surrounds are done with model Bourgeoise in dimensions 42x70 cm, with a thickness of 9 cm (concrete pieces with old stone aspect). The floor revestment is also model Bourgeoise but with dimensions of 80x80 cm.

An existing veranda has been taken off and replaced by a flat-roof terrace. The floor of the terrace is also covered with microconcrete in color BC-33 Lichen.

Some big concrete pieces with a trapezoifal shape are seperating the swimmingpool area from the terrace and another gravel area.

On the top of the covered terrace another relaxion area has been created. The floor of this high leveled terrace is covered with Bourgeoise pavement in dimensions 42x70x4 cm. Some pieces of 50x30x2 cm are used as walltops.

General sight of the garden and swimmingpool
General sight of the garden and swimmingpool

High leveled swimmingpool, pavement

Small swimmingpool

Small swimmingpool with total lenght of 420 cm and total width of 200 cm.

Swimmingpool surrounds

Concrete pieces with old stone aspect. Model Bourgeoise in dimensions 42x70 cm, thickness of 9 cm

Flat-roof terrace

Flat-roof terrace with microconcrete floor, color BC33 Lichen

Various areas

Big concrete pieces are separating the terrace from the swimmingpool area and another gravels area.

Upstairs terrace

terrace with floor done with concrete pavements Bourgeoise

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