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Kea, designed by Giampiero Castagnoli & Marco Pisati

One of the most distinctive, popular taps by Rubinetterie Treemme is the Kea model, by the designer Marco Pisati and the engineer Giampiero Castagnoli: a classic tap with a unique style and a quintessential elegance. This innovative model is a celebration of the aesthetic canons of the past, teaming them with modern technological applications.

The signature features of Kea include the grooved mouth, inspired by ancient Greek columns, while the joysticks recall architectural fragments of classic temples.

Fashioned in brass, Kea is available in numerous finishes, with coordinated joysticks, as well as two brand-new custom versions: in marble, available in a variety of colours, or in crystal, illuminated from the inside with a system of miniature LED lights that come on when the tap is used.

This collection is perfect for more classic bathrooms, but is also ideal to add character to a more modern, minimal, contemporary setting.

Rubinetterie Treemme presents KEA

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