Rubinetterie Treemme presents 3.6

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3.6, designed by Giampiero Castagnoli

3.6, designed and developed by the engineer Giampiero Castagnoli, has a unique style, with simple, elegant shapes that make it ideal for contemporary bathroom areas. The 3.6 model is in stainless steel, with a large cylindrical body that strikes a contrast with the very slender spout, studied using an innovative technology that allows the water to flow through just a few millimetres.

Rubinetterie Treemme has added new PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) finishes to the collection, in the colours gold, bronze and black.

PVD is a particular coating method that allows for the use of truly innovative, bright colours, perfect for bringing a touch of originality and character to even the simplest of taps.

The use of this technology testifies to Rubinetterie Treemme’s commitment to the environment and the close attention paid to eco-sustainability. Applied to steel, a naturally recyclable material, this process does not produce polluting elements and does not create chemical waste, so it has zero environmental impact.

The collection also includes an electric version – 3.6 Elettronico – in which design and technology converge in a project that adapts perfectly to the latest demands of an increasingly digital, connected market. 3.6 Elettronico can be activated with a touch of the fingertips, or connected to smart digital assistants like Alexa, which can be used to control the mixer tap

Rubinetterie Treemme presents 3.6

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