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The AMUNDSEN 100, the LED luminaire for applications in negative temperatures

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Sammode launches the AMUNDSEN 100, a range of LED luminaires which is especially designed for lighting cold rooms. Those luminaires meet the high quality and technical standards required, are designed to obtain an exceptional lifespan under extreme conditions and maintain all quality standards and procedures in force (HACCP, IFS …). The AMUNDSEN 100 is equipped with high efficiency LED modules (lm/W) lowering the energy consumption associated with lighting. Their optimized light output for applications in negative temperatures allows to limit the number of luminaires needed to achieve a given illumination.

The Amundsen 100 is available in two versions: “New installation” and “Like for like replacement”. The new installations are manufactured to give optimum light output while reducing the number of luminaires needed compared to traditional installations. Maintaining the lighting level and same steady illumination, they lower by that the power consumption as well. If you do not want to change your installation but still to optimize the existent one, our retrofit versions are totally suitable for a one by one replacement, resulting in the identical lighting but nevertheless reduced energy consumption.

Due to the design of our products, the stay perfectly sealed during their whole lifetime (IP68) and resist to aggressive cleaning agents and high pressure jet cleaning (IP69K). Additionally, the new coextruded polycarbonate/methacrylate diffuser combines the mechanical characteristics of polycarbonate (IK10) and methacrylate to withstand cleaning and disinfecting operations. Our fixing brackets and the impervious plug enable a fast and easy Plug&Play mounting, allowing to process routine maintenance out of the production or process site.

Finally, Sammode embodies its commitment to the quality and sustainability of its light fittings by according a five year warranty on the AMUNDSEN 100 range.

The AMUNDSEN 100, the LED luminaire for applications in negative temperatures

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