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SAMMODE attends the SIFER 2015

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This is why Sammody already lights numerous new or renovated workshops thanks to our ranges like the NIEPCE 70 FV and the DARWIN FV especially designed for inspection pits. Furthermore, Sammode plays a leading role for safety lighting in railway tunnels. Our experience and our ability to customize our products to the particular specifications of tunnels (clearance, limitation of glare, anti-panic, beacons, etc.) enable us to offer solutions that have proven their exceptionally long life span even in the most challenging environments. Additionally, given their perfect resistance to pollution, dust and humidity and being absolutely weatherproof, our tubular fixtures already light plenty of train stations. Due to their sober and classic aesthetics, they harmonize with every kind of infrastructure.

At our booth, Sammode will introduce its latest innovations:

- The TURNER 70 range, a range of hermetic LED luminaires designed for the operation at rail station platforms.

- The COULOMB LSC range, a range of self-contained safety lightings with LED.

- The VOUET 100 and CRANACH 70 ranges, compact LED luminaires to light passenger shelters.

Sammode embodies its commitment to the quality and durability of its products by offering for its luminaires a warranty of five years. A Sammode product is not a consumable, it is an investment!

Visit us at our booth.

SAMMODE attends the SIFER 2015

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