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Hong Kong Villa

Classical and oriental style in an exquisite example of contamination

The villa, owned by an important Hong Kong personality, develops on 4 floors – from the basement to the third floor. The division of spaces was well defined from the very beginning and the Owner heartily wished to maintain it, by reason of his strong bond with oriental culture that guided the entire design.

The entrance of this prestigious villa makes one immediately under stand what will be in the rest of the house: classical and neoclassical elements, rich details, nearly maniacal search for symmetry. An attentive eye is able to see references to oriental style, never renounced by the Owner. Did you get where?

Living room

This superb living room embraces everything that this area of the house can and should communicate: warmth and coziness at first, with a fireplace that actually creates a conversation area where the owners can entertain the guests. Then style, immediately acknowledgeable in this finely and richly adorned space. Discreet oriental recalls are also present.


This is an area for which the keyword is relax: the main character is wood, with a paneling that makes the wide conversation area warm and welcoming; anything present has been meticulously chosen to convey a feeling of total comfort.

Dining area

The formal dining room has a geometric decoration creating a strong visual impact. Walls are paneled with a lacquered boiserie and contrasting frames. The upper portion of the walls is covered with wallpaper with a classical-style motif that completes the interiors. The dining table with an imponent base and the majestic chandelier give an additional colour contrast.

Meeting room

No doubt that this villa is the home of a very busy and important businessman who, when needed, must have the possibilità to organize formal meetings at home. For this reason a refined meeting room has been fit out: here privacy is ensured, without leaving comfort aside.

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