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24 wide-body mining trucks delivered to Thai customer


On November 27th, 18 units of SKT 90S wide-body mining trucks and 6 units of SKT 90E wide-body mining trucks were delivered to a key client in Thailand.

With 10 units of the 90S already purchased by the client in 2020, there is currently a total of 34 trucks in the fleet, which are in service in two large mining areas.

Compared to the 90S, which is a mature, traditional model, the electric unmanned SKT90E wide-body mining truck is diesel free, making the truck not only cleaner but also worry free from potential fuel shortages at high altitudes.

The newer unmanned model is far more intelligent than its predecessors, with outstanding environmental identification and positioning capacity. Based on real-time data analysis, functions such as autonomous route tracking, obstacle avoidance, loading and unloading of material, and parking are realized.

Having experience with both the old and new generations of SANY’s wide-body mining trucks in the fleet, the client has given positive feedback on the 90E being more stable during operation, simpler to operate, fuel saving and less noisy, due to which they expressed the desire to upgrade the truck fleet to an all-90E team.


  • Shanghai, China
  • SANY Group