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SANY in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games


Aspiring to change the world, SANY has participated in many recent great world events, from pumping the world’s tallest skyscraper to recovering the reentry capsule in China’s milestone space project to now playing a role in the Winter Olympic Games.

The big Olympic rings set on the top of Haituotower in Yanqin, Beijing catches the eye from as far as 5 kilometers away, making it the most visible Olympic symbol in the area where many sports venues are located. Weighing 51 t with an outer diameter of 12 m and an inner diameter of 10 m each, the heavy rings structure was lifted to a height of 120 m in the midst of a level 8 wind.

An SCC6300 crawler crane, the primary installer of the rings structure, coordinated with an SAC6500T7 all-terrain crane and an SAC4500T, completing the hoisting and assembly of the five rings within a 2-mm margin of error. This assured that the glowing rings are perfectly positioned, inviting and welcoming athletes and visitors from all over the world.

A SANY pump truck also had the opportunity to serve as a smart cameraman for the ski jumping race. Ski slopes are challenging terrain on which to set up cameras, therefore long-shots of venues and close-ups of airborne athletes are difficult to capture.

But a SANY pump truck answered the call for this job. A SANY 62-m pump truck functioned as a smart cameraman in the Olympic ski jumping event. The accurate maneuvering of the boom ensured the production of perfect photos featuring spectacular views of the course and breathtaking action shots of the ski jumpers.


  • Shanghai, China
  • SANY Group