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Larger! SANY's first 300-ton electric-drive front shovel SY2600E


On February 27, SANY’s first 300-t electric-drive front shovel SY2600E, a colossal-sized machine, rolled off an assembly line in Factory No.6, Kunshan Industrial Park, Shanghai. With a length of 15 m front to rear and a height of 8 m or three stories, this is another milestone model developed in the field of ultra-large digging machinery.

At the rollout ceremony, Chen Jiayuan, Chairman of SANY Heavy Machinery, recalled that SANY developed China’s first 200-t hydraulic excavator in 2008, filling the domestic gap in the industry. “Today, 14 years later,” added Chen, “the launch of the SY2600E marks SANY’s latest breakthrough in the R&D and manufacturing of large excavators.” He also noted that the SY2600E will be introduced to the international market in the future. In addition, his team will continue upgrading the tonnage to 400 t and even 800 t.

Designed for topsoil stripping and ore loading at large surface mines and earthwork projects, the SY2600E inherited all the advantages of SANY’s product family of large excavators.

Some technical highlights of the SY2600E include:

1. Energy savings: Fully electrically controlled closed-type hydraulic system enabling faster dynamic response and less pressure loss.

2. Reliability: Equipped with a 6,000 V, 900 kW heavy-duty motor, and enhanced structural components give it a longer lifespan.

3. Convenience: Boasts an automatic lubrication system, a centralized filling system and maintainable parts that are centrally positioned and accessible.


  • Shanghai, China
  • SANY Group