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World-famous equipment rental service company expands into new markets with SANY products


On February 1, 2022, three SANY all-terrain cranes, including one SAC1600S, one SAC2500S and one SAC3000S, were delivered to Hareket, a world-leading hoisting machinery rental service supplier in Turkey with a global business map.

Freshly added to the fleet, the three newcomers have a shiny greenish-yellow coat, the iconic coating of Hareket.

They will later be transported to the UAE as Hareket’s attempt to expand into the Middle-East market.

However, SANY is not new to Hareket. Last November, large-tonnage SANY models were added to the rental equipment family, including an SCC8000A, SANY’s large-tonnage crawler crane. This SCC8000A was the first one sold in Turkey and the Pan-European region.

Ahmet Altunkum, President of Hareket, said that “SANY’s products add to the strength of Hareket’s fleet and are crucial to our market expansion. We will further our cooperation, believing that more productive results will be achieved.”

Li Wei, Deputy General Manager of the International Marketing Company of SANY CRANE, responded that he felt grateful for the approval from Hareket and promised to do everything possible to deliver even better products and services.


  • Shanghai, China
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