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Electrification: SANY’s latest awakening

In 2020, SANY and CATL signed a strategic partnership agreement to cooperate in the field of new energy, aiming to further promote the development of electrification in the construction machinery industry, taking it to new levels.

CATL is a company specialized in developing innovative new energy technologies in China, providing solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide.

According to the agreement, both parties will expedite their joint development of new energy products in concrete machinery, mining machinery, cranes, port machinery, excavators and heavy trucks, alongside new big data-based technologies such as battery behavior tracking and fault self-diagnosis.

Previous to the signing of this agreement, SANY and CATL had already deployed China’s first batch of purely electric port tractors at Port of Xiamen,a city on China’s southeastern coast, aiming to forge a smarter and greener port. Other co-developed equipment, including an electric truck mixer and an electric muck truck, have been put into large-scale application in many areas in China.


  • Shanghai, China
  • SANY Group